Diagram and cartography of flows edition

The diagram is the entry point for architecture design. Thanks to automation, Uncia reflects all the information added in the diagram in the other design views: cartography of flows, IT assets table and technical scheme. All the time-consuming tasks are removed. You are only focused on the design.

Other views are automatically generated from the diagram

Represented through the diagram, your modules and bricks constitute the heart of your architecture. Build the interdependencies between your elements and associate different levels of information (IT assets view, software, consumption of external services).

Boost your productivity

The Uncia drawing tool is designed to optimize the productivity of architects. All time-consuming tasks have been removed.

Work serenely in a standardized environment

IS&T standards evolve all the time. Uncia alerts you in real time if you deviate from the rules and helps you to be in compliance with the standards.

Automatic generation of your different views

Thanks to the different levels of information entered in the diagram, Uncia automatically generates the cartography of flows, the IT assets table and the technical scheme.

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