Digitize your technical IT landscape with Uncia

Uncia is the first tool offering a simple and standardized working environment for IT architects (solution, application and infrastructure). Uncia allows you to design and to centralize all the technical projects of the IS&T. No more time-consuming tasks! With Uncia, your architects are focused on the quality and the high added value of the rendering.

How it works

Uncia is a SaaS application for IT architects - but not only. All the contributors of the IS&T can collaborate on a project in Uncia (security, data, application owners, etc.)
IS&T teams design and manage the life cycle of technical documentation end to end.

Customize your environment

Configure your meta model easily with the structure, the rules and the standards of your IT environment

Diagram edition

Design your architecture diagrams in a framework inspired by C4 model

Infrastructure design

Specify the IT assets running
your services

Synthesis document

Edit your synthesis document
and create data binding with the existing views (diagram, flows, IT assets, etc.)


Create synergies between IS&T members with the collaboration mode

Workflow insertion

Download your work with standard file extensions, export data to your ITSM solution

Designed by the architects for all the actors of the IS&T, to put the technical documentation back as the point of truth for your company

With 10 years of experience in several major companies, we know how important the technical documentation is and how difficult it is to create and maintain this documentation.
Thanks to its features, Uncia will make your life easier and give back to the documentation a value of reference for IS&T projects.


Uncia provides a simplified working environment to ease the standardization of your projects documentation


We guarantee the strict respect of your information system security policy from the design to the preparation of the move to production


Thanks to the automation, time-consuming tasks are removed


Open API enables to integrate the tool in your ITIL process


The more you rely on Uncia, the more the tool is able to identify critical resources by a fine mapping of your different IT assets

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